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PI Express (another alternative to an Online Quote)

PI Express is a paper based cheque and declaration service offered as an alternative to our online quote and buy system. We are conscious that not everyone is comfortable with an online quote, pay and print system for their PII and would rather submit a declaration and provide a cheque for the premium as opposed to paying by credit card or Direct Debit. 

We have selected Travelers to provide this service based on their policy wording and on the simplicity of their PI Express facility. Some of the premium rates offered by Travelers are even more competitive than our fully automated online portal, which is another reason they have been selected.

If you cannot confirm all the eligibility criteria to obtain a quote, please contact us by telephone on 01217883444 or why not click on the online help button to get connected to one of our team. 

Annual Premium

Limit of Indemnity (Any One Claim)

Fees/Turnover up to £100,000

Fees/Turnover £100,001 to £200,000

Fees/Turnover £200,001 to £300,000





















These premiums include Insurance Premium Tax at the current rate of 5% and are valid for a 12 month period of insurance commencing on any date before 31/12/2009.

If you can meet the criteria below and your profession is one of those listed, simply download and print the Declaration, attach your cheque for the premium and post it into us.  We will confirm receipt by email and provide your schedue shortly afterwards.

Policy Wording

The quote is based on a Civil Liability wording.

Acceptance Criteria

The indications displayed is on the basis that you meet the following criteria. If you cannot then please use our online quote system or contact us so we maybe able to assist you in obtaining suitable terms.

The business has been trading continuously for at least 12 months

At least one principal has relevant qualifications or at least 3 years relevant experience

All work is carried out within the UK for UK companies

There have been no claims or circumstances within the last 5 years

Fee/Turnover Income £300,000 or less

Your maximum contract value does not exceed 25% of your total fee income


We are only able to consider those occupations listed. Please use our online quote system if your profession is not listed, or contact us for further assistance. Our online chat is available for an immediate response.

Acoustic Consultant


Administrators/Secretarial Services

Landscape Architect

Agricultural Consultants

Law Costs Draughtsman


Law Search Agent

Average Adjusters

Literary Agent

Book Keepers

Loss Adjuster/Assessor

Careers Advisory Service

Management Consultant

Company Search Agents/Registrar

Market Research Consultant

Conference/Event Organisers

Marketing Consultant

Counselling Services

Motor Engineer

Draughtsman/Architectural Landscap
Architect Town Planner Technician


Education Advisory Service

Private Investigator

Employment Agent

Property Managers

Employment Law Consultants

Public Relations Consultant

Enquiry Agent/Private Investigator

Relocation Agent

Estate Agent (non-RICS)

Security Consultant

Export Consultant


Food Industry Consultant

Tachograph Analyst

Fuel Efficiency Consultant

Telecommunications Consultant

Funeral Directors

Town Planner


Traffic Consultant

Graphic Designer

Training Consultant

Handwriting Expert/Graphologist


Health & Safety Consultant

Travel Agent (non-Tour Operator)

Housing Consultant

Will Writer

Human Resource Consultants

Yacht Broker

Interior Designer

Zoology Consultant

The above premiums are based on a standard Insured’s Contribution of £500 each and every claim.

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Methods of Payment

We accept the following methods of payment:

You can also make payments via Cheque.

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