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1. Trustees
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
Tags: [Hammond PI, Professional, Indemnity, Insurance, Liability, Charities and Associations]  ...
... to your question, insurers offering Professional Indemnity to Pension Trustees as with other trustees such as charities, clubs or associations, tend to offer a policy which combines both an element of ...
3. Contractors Insurance
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
... an area we can assist with. Contractors PI Package In association with Manchester Underwriting we have designed a Professional Indemnity Insurance Package that specifically meets the needs a contractor ...
4. Accountants (Members of AAT, CIOT and ATT)
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
In association with Manchester Underwriting a specialist Professional Indemnity Insurance underwriter for Amlin Insurance, we have launched a dedicated policy quotation and purchase service for Accountants ...
... liable for the actions of an employee it is unnecessary for the claimant to show that the employer was at fault. This judgment has potentially serious implications for unincorporated associations like ...
6. New licensing scheme for estate agents
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
The National Association of Estate Agents, which is running the scheme, said more needed to be done to protect consumers from unprofessional agents. In order for an estate agency branch to be licensed, ...
7. George Osborne announces increase to IPT
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
...  Addressing Parliament today, he said IPT will rise from 5% to 6%.  The British Insurance Brokers Association had hoped it could persuade the government not to increase the 5% rate, however, there may ...
8. Acoustic Consultants
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
... require a CV in order to establish the extent of the consultants experience Top Trade bodies and Certification Schemes Institute of Acoustics Association of Noise Consultants Construction ...
9. Letting agents set for regulation
(Blog Articles/Broker)
The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) is introducing a licensing scheme for its UK members and a code of practice for letting agents. Review the original article and return to post your ...
10. Download PI Proposal Forms
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
...  Hammond Misc PI Proposal - All Other Professions (Online Professional Indemnity Quote Available) Hammond Charity & Associations Estate Agents - Form Currently Being Developed. (Online Professional ...
11. Online Schemes
(site sections/Quotes)
Hammond PI Consultants are working in association with a number of organisations to ensure that their members benefit from the best professional indemnity terms & services available in the market. ...
12. Advantage Solo Members
(site sections/Quotes)
Get a PI Quote> In association with Advantage Accounting we have launched a dedicated online quotation service for Advantage Solo members. There are principally two reasons people in business ...
13. Advantage Solo Members
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
14. Trafalgar Contractors Insurance
(site sections/Quotes)
In association with Trafalgar we have launched a dedicated Insurance for Contractors. There are principally two reasons people in business purchase Professional Indemnity Insurance, firstly they may ...
15. AGRA Members
(site sections/Quotes)
Get an AGRA Quote> In association with AGRA, we have launched a dedicated online quotation service for Genealogists. There are principally two reasons people in business purchase Professional ...
16. V - Glossary
... action or inaction of such person within the limits of their association. So when an employee or worker cause a loss/damage to somebody in the normal course of his duty, the employer will be responsible ...
17. N - Glossary
NAEA National Association of Estate Agents Negligence A civil wrong whereby a person breaches a duty of care owed to another causing them ...
18. D - Glossary
... of Association are the directors of the company. Shadow directors may also be treated as directors in some circumstances. Executives  ...
19. A - Glossary
ABI This is the trade association to which most UK insurance companies belong. One of its functions is to monitor  ...
20. Directors and Officers
(site sections/Related Products)
... organisations and "non profit" associations as well as many "for profit" organizations. Please note - The inclusion of Entity cover has been questioned of late following certain high profile bankruptcies ...
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