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21. Hammond Legal Support
(site sections/Resources)
... as well as advice on how the business’ standard contracts can be improved and how IP can be better protected. A "Legal Helpdesk" service, which provides continuous legal quality assurance for a fixed ...
22. Actuaries
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
... and care, life insurance and pensions. Enterprise risk management - helping companies understand and manage risk in line with their business objectives Finance and investment - for actuaries working ...
23. Monthly Professional Indemnity Insurance policies
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
... insurance and/or Products and Public Liability Insurance as well. How does it work. The monthly policy is designed for small businesses that are not subject to dramatic fluctuation in fees or the scope ...
24. Accountants (Members of AAT, CIOT and ATT)
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
... who are members of the AAT, CIOT and ATT. There are principally three reasons people in business purchase Professional Indemnity Insurance, firstly they may be required to by their clients or professional ...
25. Contact Us
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...  For more details on our services, or to apply for a quote or review of your business requirements, ...
26. Highly Recommended
... helpful and knowledgable, helping me to tailor my insurance to the needs of my new business. Many thanks. Arboricultural Consultant, Shropshire. - April 2012  ...
27. Employees liability
(Blog Articles/Broker)
I was again today asked by a client, about the liabilities imposed on employees and professionals and in particular with regard to the ongoing liabiltes after the closure of a business.  More often than ...
... in business, so presenting more risk to their clients. -- The single common renewal date should be scrapped Insurance Journal 2 November 2010  ...
29. New Issue of Coverstory dispatched
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
We at Hammond Professional Indemnity like to think we are as much about service as we are about obtaining a great deal on your Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI).  Over 98% of our business is Professional ...
30. Trouble Indemnity
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
... big insurers lose appetite for their ­business. When the solicitors’ PI market last shrank, firms faced rate hikes of up to 40 per cent. The Lawyer 2 August 2010  ...
... indemnity insurance to a large number of IFAs, was placed in administration on April 15 and although current PI policies with the insurer are still valid, Quinn Insurance has stopped writing new business ...
32. Salaried Partners
(Blog Articles/Broker)
Salaried Partners Liability  The salaried partner contested the claim on the basis that he was not a partner because he did not share in the profits of the business. The Court, and subsequently the Court ...
33. Archived Terms of Business
(site sections/Other)
Here you can find a list of all of our current and archived Terms of Business files. The latest version listed is the most current. HammondPi Terms of Business (Version 6 - effective May 2018) ...
34. Town Planners
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
Town planners (or spatial planners) shape the way towns and cities develop. This involves balancing the competing demands placed on land by housing, business, transport and leisure, and making sure ...
35. Town Planners
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
Town planners (or spatial planners) shape the way towns and cities develop. This involves balancing the competing demands placed on land by housing, business, transport and leisure, and making ...
36. Genealogists
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
... to a place of business, such as an old Inn may be pursued by the owner for loss of potential revenue as a result of the researchers negligence. Genetic Genealogy is a growing area and should ...
37. PI Express
(site sections/Quotes)
... us so we maybe able to assist you in obtaining suitable terms. The business has been trading continuously for at least 12 months At least one principal has relevant qualifications or at ...
38. Acoustic Consultants
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
... individuals, businesses, institutions, and the community. They are designers, problem solvers, advisors, mediators, and inventors practicing across a range of specialties typically including one or more ...
39. Run off PI
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
... off? Yes but the market is very limited most insurers do not actively look for this type of business and only want risks they held when an active practice. Should I be doing anything before I decide ...
... entering retirement, selling their business or merging their business with someone else where both parties don’t want to share the liabilities of the old businesses. PI Run off cover can also be purchased ...
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