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... this activities to a specialist firm.  Additional Guidance(s)/Information  Attached are some practical guidance’s and information around this issue which should assist in general the understanding ...
... presentation’ of their risk to insurers.Remedies for Non-Disclosure or Misrepresentation - Remedies must now be proportionate and reflect the actual underwriting impact, had the correct information been ...
3. What is Cyber Liability Insurance
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... you store personal data on your servers or PC’s, do employees use laptops and maybe sometimes carry information that could contain personal information about personal or corporate clients and not just ...
... notified without delay as failure to do so could invalidate cover. For further information contact your broker or if you have such covers via ourselves your Hammond PI Consultants account manager.  ...
5. PI for Part Time Architects
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... monthly instalments. Please note polices with no retro cover as for new business start-ups cannot pay by instalment. For more information or to sign up, please follow this link. * At time of publishing. ...
6. PII For lower fee earning Architects
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... pay by instalment. For more information or detail please visit the Architect schemes page  ...
7. Actuaries
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... a range of numerical information investigated, analyzed and explained; e.g. to create and price polices. Pensions - actuaries play a key role in advising companies on all manner of pension schemes and ...
8. Monthly Professional Indemnity Insurance policies
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... and direct debit form. IMPORTANT – the declaration explains that the premium has been based on the proposal form and any other information that was provided when the policy was initially purchased. ...
9. Contact Us
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... please register your contact details or call us for more information on 0333 222 4257 or email [email protected]  ...
10. RICS Listed Insurers
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... word, the RICS template, it does need to duplicate the policy conditions as well as being on an any one claim, civil liability basis. For more information about the required coverage’s and minimum required ...
11. Changes to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme
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... being made by a tenant.  This claim can amount to the return of the deposit, the payment of a penalty of 3 times the amount of the deposit and also any court costs. A Failure to provide information about ...
12. Increase to Insurance Premium Tax
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... must be taken up by the 3rd January otherwise the higher rate will apply This information is provided based on our understanding of the legislation on 11 November 2010  ...
13. Town Planners
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... is still required. Keep a written record of all requests for cover to be extended and any historic or material changes to your business. This information can be updated each year and provided as an addendum ...
14. Town Planners
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... to be extended and any historic or material changes to your business. This information can be updated each year and provided as an addendum to the proposal. Any certification the business may have ...
15. Genealogists
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... records and sometimes genetic analysis to demonstrate kinship. Reliable conclusions are based on the quality of sources, ideally original records, the information within those sources, ideally primary ...
16. Acoustic Consultants
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... information can be updated each year and provided as an addendum to the proposal. Any certification the business may have i.e. accreditation by a governing or standards council, is also well worth disclosing.Keep ...
... via shorter multiple year policies with the option in some cases to purchase part years, for example five and a half years. See our newsletter from more information on PI run off cover  ...
18. New Look Hammond PI Website
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... you may have immediately, and guide you through the process. The website for added convenience has a ‘Most popular content’ and an advanced search facility to easily locate the information your are ...
19. PI Forums terms of use
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Enter The Forums
20. Reasons to register and log-in
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Our quick and simple registration process gives you access to all the information and extra website features.  We do not make public your registered email address, and do not share your registration ...
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