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1. top rate
I have always had excellent service during the time I have been a client of Hammond PI. I have found advice to be top rate and nothing is too much trouble. Surveyor, Stafford -September 2015  ...
2. Spent the time to investigate
We offer a unique service, which meant it was extremely difficult to find an insurer willing to even provide a quote. Our Broker at Hammond PI spent the time to investigate the services we offer and managed ...
... health and safety matters. They also propose to place statutory health and safety duties on domestic clients for the first time and change the criteria for notification to the enforcement authority. General ...
4. What is Cyber Liability Insurance
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
If you are reading this you have probably already embraced the IT and multimedia world and the chances are that you will have been using much of the available technology in your business today.  Do ...
... clause’s terms affect the detail of the apportionment. A more extensive net contribution clause is sometimes called a fair shares clause. It includes additional wide-ranging assumptions that may further ...
... from other business insurances such as Public Liability of Property Insurance. Professional Indemnity Insurance is a claim made insurance, which means a policy responds to claims made at the time the ...
7. PI for AGRA members
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
Firstly a big thank you to those genealogists who have taken the time to post such wonderful testimonials via our interactive policy delivery and feedback service. Since launching, what we believe is ...
8. PI for Part Time Architects
(Blog Articles/Broker)
Since I wrote on this site about the Professional Indemnity Insurance arrangements we have created for lower fee earning architects, I have been asked on numerous occasions if it carers for part time architects, ...
9. AVIVA depart the Professional Indemnity market
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
AVIVA depart the Professional Indemnity market in favor of more profitable markets. In an article in The Insurance Times, Corporate and Specialty Risk Managing Director David Hall announced that  AVIVA ...
10. PII For lower fee earning Architects
(Blog Articles/Broker)
... for those earning below £100,000 and so is designed to cater for both the smaller architectural practice, sole trader or part time architect who possibly has a full time job working in practice for another ...
11. Contractors Insurance
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
... a contractor may be engaged in a work environment in a similar way and sometimes alongside employees, it is important to understand that contractors are distinct from employees. A contractor provides services ...
12. Small Architects
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
... with Manchester Underwriting Management (Underwriters to AMLIN) we've used our experience to develop a bespoke professional indemnity (PI) facility for Low Fee earning and part time Architects. We recognise ...
13. Actuaries
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
... Euros for a single claim or €1,680,300 in aggregate or, in each case, the sterling equivalent, calculated at the exchange rate prevailing at the time the policy is effected and on each extension and/or ...
14. Monthly Professional Indemnity Insurance policies
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
... may be available from another insurer as we would normally do with an annual policy. We would always therefore ask you to contact us at anytime you would like us to review your cover with our extensive ...
15. Accountants (Members of AAT, CIOT and ATT)
(site sections/Sectors Covered)
... individual members in practice including sole traders is the greater of 2.5 times the annual gross fee income or £50,000. For firms, the minimum level of cover is the greater of 2.5 times the firm’s ...
16. Actually cares
....more than great as an insurance broker. My Account Manager actually cares about what happens to me. I am so pleased that I found Hammonds at a time when I needed this sort of help and backing. ...
17. IFA policy exclusions
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
... deciding to remain in the IFA market. The next few years could be a very testing time for the IFA’s profession if Professional Indemnity costs do rise as the FSCS also seem likely to introduce increased ...
18. Corporate Manslaughter appeal refused
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
... recognised that sometimes the appropriate level of fine might force a company into bankruptcy. To impose a fine of less than the annual turnover would have resulted in a ludicrously small fine for such ...
19. Professional indemnity insurance: don't skimp
(Blog Articles/PI News Related)
... and that clients specify in the contract the minimum level of professional indemnity insurance they are to maintain. Most clients or contractors will routinely check at the time of appointing the team ...
20. Changes to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme
(Blog Articles/Broker)
... being made by a tenant.  This claim can amount to the return of the deposit, the payment of a penalty of 3 times the amount of the deposit and also any court costs. A Failure to provide information about ...
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