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DAS Legal Expenses is available from HammondPI, with cover starting from as little has £75 per annum.

Cover is summarised for you below.

Employment Disputes and Compensation Awards

  • Legal rights following dismissal of an employee
  • Defending disputes with an employee or ex-employee relating to contract of employment
  • Dispute with an employee that cannot be resolved internally
  • Compensatory award arising from an alleged breach under employment legislation
  • Lost wages to attend court or tribunal

Legal Defence

  • Problems under the Data Protection Act 1998, including payment of any compensation award
  • Criminal prosecutions (Non-motor) arising from your business activities
  • Receive a statutory enforcement notice
  • Employees’ rights if action is taken against them under legislation for unlawful discrimination
  • Civil action taken against you for wrongful arrest in respect of an accusation of theft
  • Attendance expenses of your employees for jury service

Contract Disputes for disputes of up to £5,000

  • Disputes in respect of purchase or hire or sale or provision of services

Property Protection and Bodily Injury

  • Suffer damage to business property, or nuisance
  • Death of or Bodily injury to employees in a non-motor accident arising from business activities

Statutory Licence Protection

  • Licence to undertake normal business activities cancelled, suspended or altered

Tax Protection

  • Aspect or Full enquiry arising from self assessment by HM Revenue & Customs
  • Tax Intervention Enquiries
  • Employer’s Compliance (Pay As You Earn or Social Security Regulations)
  • VAT Disputes

24 Hour Helpline Services (365 Days a Year)

  • Eurolaw Commercial Legal Advice Helpline
  • Tax Advice
  • Business Assistance
  • Counseling Helpline
  • Employment Manual with guidance on Employment Law

DAS Business Law

  • On-line business support system
  • Free access to over 600 model business documents, specimen letters
  • Business guides on a wide range of subjects from employing to writing marketing plans

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